The Journalist by Jos Scharrer


The Dutch Resistance Revealed

The Dutch Resistance Revealed is Jos Scharrer’s second book and is being published by Pen and Sword in London. It will be distributed in the Netherlands, United Kingdom and United States. It tells the gripping story of her husband’s father, Henri Scharrer, who was executed by the Nazis, together  with around 300 other Resistance fighters on the 6th September 1944 at Vught Concentration Camp.

The Journalist

This is the story of a woman who forged a successful journalism career in the misogynistic nineteenth century. This is also the story of an arch imperialist who supported a plot to claim an African country for the British Empire, as well as the tale of a humanitarian who organised care for 250,000 Belgian refugees in the dark days of WW1. Welcome to the remarkable life of Flora Shaw.

The first woman to achieve a position of high journalistic authority, Shaw was colonial editor for The Times in the 1890s. She used her position to argue passionately for British imperialism, convinced the empire would benefit all mankind, a belief that lead to her participation in a disastrous plot to seize South Africa for Britain.

Her three-day cross examination in the Grand Committee Room at Westminster Hall at the Parliamentary Inquiry into the Jameson Raid is seen by some as a forerunner to another Inquiry 120 years later when British journalist and editor of News of the World - Rebekah Brooks found herself facing criminal charges at the Old Bailey as a result of phone hacking by journalists on her newspaper – charges of which she was cleared. Another similarity is that both women were famous for their long red curly hair (Flora’s was more auburn) and both had friends in high places – Rebekah’s friend was David Cameron, while Flora’s friend-behind-the-scenes was the Prince of Wales who attended the Inquiry.  Flora was never charged, but her testimony at Westminster helped get a number of people off the hook, including the Colonial Secretary Joseph Chamberlain.

Written by Jos Scharrer, Shaw’s great-niece, The Journalist chronicles Shaw’s life, exploring the contradictions and achievements of the first woman to shatter journalism’s notoriously thick glass ceiling.

The Dutch Resistance

▲ This thrilling new book reveals the untold stories of the heroes of the Dutch Resistance in their fight against Nazi tyranny. Also told are the adventures of the Allied airmen they helped escape to the safety of Spain and England and those who were betrayed by double-crossing collaborators.


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▲ Flora Shaw (later Lady Lugard) was the arch imperialist who became the world’s leading woman journalist of the nineteenth century and the Colonial Editor of The Times of London